The dawn of a new golden age for marketers?

Looking back on it now, it’s clear that 2017 was a momentous year for marketing. Artificial intelligence moved from hype to driving unprecedented personalisation. Companies began breaking down silos, recognising that delivering a connected consumer experience requires teams working together. The past year was also paramount for data management, with companies tapping insights to better understand consumer behaviour.

Advertising evolved too as marketers leveraged data to inform consumer engagement across all channels. And while email marketing has been around for a while, marketers continued to realise strong ROI by adding new capabilities such as dynamic page layouts and AI-informed journey creation. These trends will continue to accelerate in 2018. Here are five marketing trends for the year ahead:

  • Marketers go full throttle on AI
  • Companies will take breaking down silos seriously
  • Integrated data platforms will fuel consumer engagement
  • Advertising will get smarter
  • Thinking about mobile first


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